Personal training for exam, competition and recital. Piano lessons, basic and advanced theory lesson available prior to request. Please contact me and we can discuss how to better support with you with your musical carrer.
Royal consevatory of music
Music and theory, harmony and counterpoint
2010 - 2020
Studies: Level 1-10 practical piano (exam included) Basic to advanced theory (Exam included) Level 9,10 harmony and counterpoint (exam included) Music history 9 and 10 (Exam


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Let your actions be your words
OpportunityÔÇÖs are out there, you just have to take advantage of them
Clear your mind with music and let yourself be transported, let loose
Train smart, keep it real
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Remember, anyone can become a talented musician if they commit to the craft.
Remember to always practice piano and let your mind show you what is the right way and be humble